Pastry Courses

Pastry Courses

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Perfect gluten free pastry can be elusive. This course shows you how to make puff pastry, delicious shortcrust pastry (or chocolate pastry) and choux pastry. I also show you how to use the pastry – we make bakewell tarts, mini quiches, eclairs, gougeres and more!

Ideally, you need more than one day to make the best puff pastry, but we can cover all the stages and you get to take a block of it home with you.

There is also a demonstration of a French yeasted pastry. Even if you have never made pastry before, you will acquire all the skills to create perfect gluten free pastry at home. A delicious gluten free lunch is provided, along with tea and coffee.





October Sunday 22nd London 9.30-3pm


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