Personal Tuition, Staff Development and product development

Sometimes a book, download or a course just not enough for when you want to be the best at baking gluten free. We can help.

Recently we have trained a super yacht chef how to make a range of breads.

Been out to Beirut to train the chefs for a gluten free bakery start up.

Spent the day with the owner of the Turquoise Teapot in Newark develop recipes - we will be doing continuing staff training there too.

Devised recipes for Filmore & Union and helped with staff training.

Devised a range of gluten free and vegan recipes for bakery and shop start up in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Worked with Mr & Mrs C in Liverpool - This couple have two small children with a very unusual multiple food intolerances. Despite the very restricted range of foods the children could eat, we created bread, pastry, cake and dumplings that not only the kids could eat, but their parents enjoy as well. It was a very successful day (the dumplings were particularly amazing), opening up many more possibilities for family meals and even a birthday tea! 

Mrs M-S Kew – Mrs M-S is the mother of a junior doctor with coeliac disease. She contacted us to buy her coeliac daughter a gift voucher for a baking course. This young doctor’s hours and bizarre shift patterns meant that there was not a single day that she was available to come! So I went to their house on a Monday morning and taught her all the introductory basics, cheesy scones, shortcrust pastry, bread and cakes. They were delighted and I know she has used the skills she learnt many times since 

Just a few of the many examples of individuals and companies we have helped be the best at gluten free.

Please contact Deborah on and tell her what you want achieve and find out how we can help.