At Home Courses

If you can’t make it onto one of our Go To baking courses, the next best thing is our downloadable At Home course.

Take the At Home course into your kitchen on a laptop, tablet or other mobile device and it’s like having us in there with you!

Designed in a colourful comic book style, the At Home course is made up of four masterclasses teaching you how to make the best gluten free bread, pastry, scones and sponge cake.

With images at every stage of each method, the course is easy to follow with no room for error. Handy hints throughout explain why things are done in a certain way or offer insights into why particular ingredients are used.

Following our four step-by-step masterclasses will give you essential gluten free baking skills to apply to other recipes you find, even adapting regular recipes to make them suitable for you and your family. Our At Home course is great for improving your confidence with blending gluten free flours – with the most delicious results!